Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's Meet

Looking for an alternative to Twitter for backchannel? I was and I think I may have found one...Today's Meet. While I think Twitter is the best for backchannels, middle school parents, administrators, and students may be hesitant to embrace it. Today's Meet is beautiful because there is no signup or sign-in. You simply create a page and select how long you want it to remain active (up to a year). Simply give the URL to the students and they have a perfect arena to backchannel. They fill in a name and each 140 character response shows who wrote it.

Student break down the words of Confucius 

Yesterday, I used it in both my seventh and eighth grade Social Studies classes. It proved to be a wonderful way for students to break down the primary sources we were dealing with. The seventh grade broke down the Analects of Confucius to figure out his central ideas and the eighth grade dove into Jefferson's and Hamilton's writings on the creation of a national bank. For the most part they were responsible and used it appropriately. At the end, they used it a little more socially, but the lessons were a success.

Transcripts of Today's Meet backchannel

Creation of National Bank

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