Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When Should Kids Have Facebook?

My Personal Feeling on Social Media/Facebook and your child

My personal feelings on things like this. Students are growing up where things like facebook and twitter are the norm. This is the world they live in! We need to teach them how to use these tools in a responsible/respectable manner. What I suggest and what I think is a great way is to make this step TOGETHER. Meaning when you feel it be appropriate that they have a facebook,etc (maybe this year/maybe next/maybe later) have the conversation as to WHY she/he wants one and WHAT she/he will do with it. If you feel the answer appropriate then set one up together with their knowledge that you have the password and login. That way you can see what your child is doing and can release them into thie “wild wild west” in a guarded and teachable environment.

I wrote the above from 7/8 grade parents.

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