Monday, February 18, 2013

Formal vs Informal Education

These quotes come from the following blog post.
Joi Ito blog posts: Formal vs Informal Education

"I completely agree that improving formal education and lowering dropout rates is extremely important, but I wonder how many people have personalities or interests that aren't really that suited for formal education, at least in its current form."

"I wonder how many people there are like me who can't engage well with formal education, but don't have the mentors or access to the Internet and end up dropping out despite having a good formal education available to them."

"Is there a way to support and acknowledge the importance of informal learning and allow those of us who work better in interest and self-motivated learning to do so without the social stigma and lack of support...?"

"Or... is the answer to make formal education more flexible and capable of supporting a wider spectrum of types of learning to enable people like me to "make it through the system"? Oddly, as my informal education has finally started to reach limits in certain areas, I find myself increasingly reaching out to formal education institutions for the rigor and depth that I need to explore my areas of interest."

Some of my thoughts...

Who gets to decide what is formal education? Who gets to decide on the hierarchy of subjects? How can we foster motivation if we have outdated curriculum? How important is motivation? 

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