Thursday, March 7, 2013

Session 4 Notes

Definitely some strong opinions from revolutionary figures this week. Please watch as my notes just scratch the surface.

Brian Silverman

What is a powerful idea?
-powerful ideas=empowering ideas
-big ideas and powerful ideas can be different
-rat trap----release small amount of force to unleash large amount of force=triggers

How can we engage others?
-tinkering as pathway to engagement holds great promise

Role of Programming
-little bit of programming goes a long way
-programming organizes thinking

Alan Kay

What is a powerful idea?
-originates from Seymour Papert
-first powerful idea is that there are powerful ideas
-powerful ideas cross thresholds in the sense that when you reach fluency it changes the way you think 
-science a powerful idea because it is a heuristic based approach to fix problems with our brains
-most powerful ideas can be double-edged swords

How can we engage others?
-allow tinkering, but only as a jumping off point (we are not the only species that tinkers)
-tinkering can lead to fluency (be in club without paying the dues)
-necessary, but far from sufficient 
-ultimately low level of fluency, but not enough
-we need adults and experts proficient to lead, we need a knowledgeable culture

Role of Programming
-blatantly clear that many who learn programming do not bounce to more enlightened paths
-this is in direct opposition to Papert's hopes

Ties to Learning
-Need a sustained culture to give context

Mitch Resnick
-Powerful ideas not just science and math
-less is more in architecture 

          -People have misconceptions that are not powerful. With the right tools we can turn those
           misconceptions into powerful ideas.
                      - need to build culture to support

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