Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#dinovember in the classroom: My Sea Crew

Over break I stumbled upon a Medium article called Welcome to Dinovember. Each November, two parents grab a handful of toy dinosaurs and bring them to life while the kids slumber. One morning, the dinos were caught eating cereal. One morning, the dinos tried to do the dishes. One morning, the dinos held a Ninja Turtle hostage. The parents seek to engage the wonder, mystery, and imagination of their children. They want childhood to be fun.

What a cool thing to try with seventh graders? Seventh graders like to act tough and pretend they own the world. They dish insults left and right, and act "too cool for school". In the end, they are still kids. So why not have fun? Why not engage their wonder, mystery, and imagination?

Something strange happened the first week of January in Mr M's class. A band of rubber sea creatures self-titled The Sea Crew started to show up most mornings. Look at the trouble they have gotten into.

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