Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IFTTT for School Science, Research, and More!!!

IFTTT is taking off! IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is a way to automatize events on different internet applications or programs. For example, each time you take a photo, it will save the picture to your Google Drive. You can create a recipe so that each time you create a contact in your phone it sends the info to your Google calendar. Interesting idea. Favorited tweets can be sent to Evernote. Maybe I will actually go back and check favorites now! Bottom line, if you can think of a way to connect the over 75 applications IFTTT is compatible with,  you can be as creative as you want!

Over break, I read an article in PC magazine talking about great IFTTT recipes. A few seemed ripe for creative school science projects. I know weather is a major part of grade five CA science standards. Why not use a recipe that keeps track of rain?

Think of the great stuff you could do with this data.

Compare your city's rain total to another.
Compare rain totals in different climates.
Compare one area's rain total with the average for a month, season, or year.
Create awesome Google charts and graphs with the data.

Higher Level

Authentic research projects
Data analysis
Why is rain up or down this year?
You could even prepare reports for scientists, local officials, or the newspaper.

I feel the possibilities are endless.

Here is another weather related recipe, severe weather to SMS.

Just a few thoughts on this one:

What types of weather patterns produce severe weather?
Track severe weather by locations in county or state.
Compare alerts to forecast.
Compare alerts to actual events. Was it warranted?
Going even bigger, set up a program to alert community of severe weather.

These possibilities make me giddy. I have not tried any of these, and it may take me some time to find or create a recipe that fits my curriculum, but there is potential. Do you have any ideas for using IFTTT in the classroom? Please share. If you use IFTTT in the classroom please write a comment about your experience or point me to a blog you write.

I look forward to your creativity. 

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