Friday, January 3, 2014

Invent To Learn

Some books are bad. Some books are good. Some books fall somewhere in-between. Some books are practical. Some books are entertaining. Some books are confusing.

There are some books that cause you to think deeply. There are some books that reveal a skill, idea, or methodology. There are even books that may change you mind about a topic.

....There are a few books that inspire the reader.

Invent to Learn is one of these books.

Invent to Learn is a book that should move every classroom teacher to action. Invent to Learn motivates one to be the teacher we all want to be. More crucial, it gives TONS of references and resources to make the motivation tangible and classroom implementation attainable for the practitioner. This is a living book meant to be a companion and guide for educators. Invent to Learn is a book all teachers should read, and then read again.

Invent to Learn presents a simple, yet powerful, central thesis, "children should engage in tinkering and making because they are powerful ways to learn."

The Invent to Learn 'TMI' Poster

The book has something for everybody. It is a great starting point for a teacher beginning to implement maker concepts into the classroom. I know this because I am one of those newbies. The starter finds theory, background information, resources, project ideas, and easy to digest concepts.

The more advanced practitioner will also enjoy the resources, project ideas, and conceptual philosophy, but will run with the more advanced language and learning opportunities present in corresponding chapters.

More than anything, the classroom teacher will re-imagine learning opportunities for their students. "Teachers hold the key to liberating the learner." Put another way, "A teacher is highly engaged in the art of empowering young people, not getting work done.  This book provides the tools for transforming the classroom experience.

"Making is about the active role construction plays in learner." It [making] is about realizing all learning is personal, regardless of current fads and verbiage. All people ask questions and imagine possibilities. It is time for all students to engage this wonder and actively learn to make sense of the world.


*Author's Note: All quotations are taken from Invent to Learn. I read this as an E-book so do not have precise page numbers. I recommend this book as an E-book due to the number of links and online resources.

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