Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Makey-Makey Water Piano

The Makey-Makey continues to inspire my students. It is just an awesome tool for creating, learning, and engaging. The Makey-Makey bills itself as the invention kit for everyone. I back that up! My students get crazy ideas and simply try them out. They plug it in and test their ideas, low entry, high ceiling. If the idea works, great. If not, then they try again.

In this project, two students took numerous online pianos and found the appropriate keys to produce the song they wanted.

Was this my idea? Nope! It was all them!

They spent countless hours, both in the classroom and at home, figuring out how to make their idea work. Not only did they dig in with perseverance and passion, but the piano built a wonderful context for learning and understanding the physics of sound. New content meant something to them because they constructed a mental schema to filter new understanding.

The best part is the intrinsic motivation. They wanted to figure it our so their song would work. They could care less about the grade they received or even if I liked the invention. It was personally satisfying, just as learning should be.


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