Friday, May 27, 2016

Where I Stand...

A few weeks ago I finished year one of my PhD program in Social Foundations of Education. Yes, I am still standing. Yes, I really enjoyed it. No, I don't know when I'm finishing.

Intellectually I can't begin to explain my growth. No seriously, I tried to explain my evolution and, well, let's just say I've had better posts. Perhaps that is the point. The waters are messy. The world of education is utterly complex. We have to learn which battles mean the most to us. We have to ask better questions. We have to find joy in the search. A year of books, conversations, classes, teachers, articles, conferences, students, partners, and writing gave me that insight.

Where am I moving? Below is an (incomplete) narrowing of topics that currently interest me:

How am I going to spend my summer?
  • With my wife and new daughter, Irie
  • Traveling to visit family and friends
  • Submitting an article on space, the IB, and my observations as a practitioner
  • Submitting an article on the need for critical digital instruction for graduate students
  • Beginning a research project on immigrant policy and education in South Carolina
  • Studying for Qualifying Exams
  • Reading, reading, reading (suggestions?)

What's next?
  • Year 2
  • Teaching middle school social studies in South Carolina
  • Improving my Spanish and passing a praxis to be certified in foreign language teaching
  • Working and learning with more great people 
  • I finished a second draft of a book about my teenage years working in farm labor and attending private schools - I have no clue what to do next with it...

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