Monday, February 21, 2011

The worst part of the job? Germs!

I am lucky. I thoroughly enjoy being a teacher. In fact, if it I didn't have to grade and had one more prep, I wouldn't even call it a job. Beside those two annoyances, there is one part of being a teacher that really does stink. The major downside to being a teacher is the seemingly incessant drive of children's colds, flus, and bugs trying to hunt you down. When these winter months come around, there are just weeks were you are battling to stay afloat. You are hoping, praying, and airborning that the innocent sniffle doesn't turn into a contagious virus. Last week, I got hit and I got hit hard. For a few days, I managed to make it to school, but the aches and pains, cough, and weaknesses made me long for the day to end. I was a corpse whose mission was to get through the day and the freedom of 3 o'clock. It was almost as if my students could feel this as well. Maybe, it was my illness, but the students seemed on edge and frustrated last week as well. The normal engagement wasn't there. The reason is simple to point to. My engagement wasn't there. Sometimes we (myself included) look for these huge big changes to education. But really wanting to be there, being engaged, and smiling go a long way. It is amazing how students seems to display these traits if the teacher models them. So, I am excited that I get to go back tomorrow and return with my usual excitement and eagerness. I have a funny feeling that the students will be ready as well, now that grumpy, sick Mr. Monreal feels much better.

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