Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tweets from Feudal Times

Last week my students (7th grade History) used Today's Meet to simulate a Twitter conversation between people from the Feudal period of European history. The students loved it. They were highly engaged and they enjoyed the learning process so much that many complained when we ended it. I even had students look up how to make posts in Latin (apparently they had taught themselves that priests would have known it). Below is the basic outline of the lesson. Would love to hear how you use it.

Here is an example of how students used the social media/backchannel client to produce an online conversation.

Day 1/2: Student get assigned a role in Feudalism- They read/researched about their daily life (There are many wonderful sites for this and here is a resource I provided them with) They then put together a twitter wall on butcher paper for their role. For example, the nobles made a Twitter wall for nobles, peasants for peasant. They were quite comical. They also went around and "posted" (wrote) on other people's walls.(Pictures are below)

Day 3: Students take their role and engage in a conversation on It is a website that allows for Twitter-like backchannels without sign-in or sign-up.


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