Saturday, March 5, 2011

1 idea, 1 Tweet and my PLN runs with it

Running around the halls
Cleaning my room
Finishing lessons
Reviewing student progess on projects
Eating instant oatmeal

    This is how I usually spend the waning minutes before school starts. But for whatever reason this last Friday, I was calmly sitting at my desk wandering Twitter. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I needed to do something for Women's History Month. I mentioned it on March 1st and gave a 5 minute remark on its importance, but sitting there in the calm before the storm, I realized that this was not enough. For the whole month, I decided I was going to give a brief profile of an influential woman to start each class. Without thinking twice I sent out this tweet

Genius me put February instead of March

     Seconds later, I had multiple people respond with wonderful suggestions. Within minutes, I had more than 10 responses or RTs. It was awesome to see my PLN at work. I was enthused and excited to have the names of 10-15 women; some of which I had never heard of or forgotten about. I had a field trip yesterday, but the discussion continued on Twitter over the course of the day. At one point, people started asking if a google doc could be arranged for the names and resources that people had thrown out there. Once I got back to school, I quickly made a public doc and within an hour 25-30 names and resources were added to the list. I also had conversations with teachers who were trying to brainstorm my idea of a simple profile into a bigger lesson or project. One simple tweet and a community of teachers who were sharing resources, ideas, and excitement organically grew. Although it wasn't a massive group or document, it reinforces the power of having a PLN on Twitter. The connections and knowledge stored within my circle of followers and hashtags continues to amaze me and makes my learning experience a new adventure everyday. I can legitimately say that every morning I wake up and am psyched for all I am going to learn.

Here is the document if you wish to add or check it out. Also please tweet me with ideas to build upon my simple idea of profiling each one. 

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