Saturday, March 26, 2011

A 7th grader's reflection (I was blown away)

This was a student's reflection for the last seventh grade social studies project based learning unit. For context's sake the driving question was, "What is the proper role of religion in government?" It was my way of teaching the Crusades and other medieval issues. For whatever reason her reflection really resonated with me. I was blown away by her honesty and how she expressed her thoughts. As I was reading it, all I could think about was this is why I  "teach" the way I do. I don't want to analyze it and take away from her words, but I think it speaks to what students can accomplish when they take control of the learning process. 

What did I learn in this process?
I learned that since the middle ages we have evolved so much, considering that back then it was all about Religion, hangings, and etc. Religion was a huge part of life and at times was above the king. Today Religion can have a say in what government does but government will make the final decisions. I also learned that there will always be a way to communicate, be you have to be patient because they won’t always be able to answer right away.
How can I apply things learned into the real world?

Over the time of this project I learned that there are many different ways to communicate with people that are either a couple of miles away from you or thousands of miles away, I could use this in future projects to get both sides of the story. I also learned that it is very important to say what you believe. You should always speak and say what you believe or else you will never be heard, but ALWAYS have information to support your option. Finally, I think in future projects I must make things entertaining. For example using my acting skills to make my work enticing and not boring like most teachers do, and I personally detest that.

What went well and what did not?

I think the research and effort went well. In my opinion we all put in the same amount of time and effort into this. We worked well and got things done, we split the work and analyzed all of our work. I think what didn’t go well was our class time. We wouldn’t talk to the groups; we would talk with each other but get off task a little and not get everything done. Also, we did work things at the last min. because of the things we didn’t do during class. In the end I think we did a good job and we could work this great any time again in the future.

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