Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Amazing Look at 21st Century Leaders by PBS

     About a month ago, PBS came out with a documentary called Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century. Last night, I finally sat down to watch it and I think it is absolutely essential for all educators, especially those who consider themselves 21st century teachers. It is a wonderful look at how digital media helps produce an education system that is based on creativity, innovation, and engagement. It makes the case that we need to shift our education system as it is out-dated and not doing a sufficient job of educating kids for the world they are going to face. The documentary contrasts this old model with schools who have chosen to leave it behind. For most of the hour, we see students who are responsible their own learning and experts who are singing the praises of this notion. In short, this is simply a must-see.

    Instead of writing a detailed review, I am just going to include some quotes I wrote down when watching. I have tried my best to give credit to those who spoke them. I have also included the whole movie below and please check it out. 

Dr. James Gee

"Old model of teaching you the things you will need to know for the rest of your life clearly is not going to work"

"If a learning system is well designed, you don’t finish it without the guarantee that you learned it already. That is the design of a good game. You can't proceed unless you have learned the material to allow you to advance, unless you can learn on that learning. Therefore, learning and assessment are the same thing. Design such learning systems where they assess themselves"

"if your learning is just what you are learning now it is not that useful"

"doesn’t matter what passion you get as kid, because passion becomes learning"

"People say digital media is killing reading and writing, not true it is just killing the ecology of it…..different text are produced…kids are doing more reading and writing than the ever had"

  Dr. John Seely Brown

"in a world of change memorization is a 20th century skill---the need to navigate and trust information makes the world yours"

"most overlooked is the power and purpose of play--- Tinkering brings thought together, it is a lifelong learning event"

"Much of our learning comes in the interaction of others"

Diana Rhoten

“Evey kid has an interest…they may not know what it is or may not be able to articulate it but every kid has an interest"

"We are trying to  help the institution be in the center of a kids life instead of a kid be in the center of an institution's life"

"remaking content so you are the creater and the producer"

Christopher Lehmann

"We have continued to build schools in the industry model of go go go, periods of time, etc, but we have evolved past that as a society, schools haven’t"


"We don’t learn by staring at text book—we learn by trial and error and by hands on"

" If I can’t get a place to practice my passion then where do I go"

Other Educators and Teachers I Couldn't Catch Name 

"A cell phone can be a distraction or an amazing tool"

"Digitial media produces more democratically aware and commnunity minded citizens"


Don’t need to teach them facts they are not going to use"

"Don’t need an adult to help them because they are so excited"

"The indidividual can be empowered to find its own path, maybe it’s a very different path or personal path"

"Ignoring social media is being irresponsible as an educator"

"Learning the process in this day and age is more important to content"

"Teaching changes in a world where students own their own learning"

A quote to leave you with by John Dewey:
"If we teach students the way we taught them yesterday we rob them of tomorrow"

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