Sunday, April 10, 2011

My morning at TEDxsfed

Passionate people give off a vibe that is both highly exciting and contagious. Therefore, it was no surprise to feel a special vibe permeating the air during the TEDx event in San Francisco. The theme of the TEDx event was "re-imagining education" and it was clear that the attendees and speakers had a truly revolutionary vision of education. I consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate to have shared a morning with such innovative, passionate, and creative people. Although I could only attend the morning session (I had to coach in the afternoon), I was inspired by the amazing work and ideas that were exchanged in such a small amount of time. Below are some bullet points I took away from the speakers I saw. 

Sandy Speicher
-Talked about design thinking as it relates to children
-Allows for students to believe they have a role in shaping the world
-Job of designer to create new meaning
-Forthcoming website
-"We ARE bigger than the system".

Susan Stauter
-Talked about the power of inspiration and arts in education
-"commit your life to make sure imagination doesn't fail in the future"
-"We change metabolically when we are inspired"
- "Art gives us hope and a connection that is beyond self"
- "At the end of the school day parents ask what you did you DO today not what did you listen to today"

David Orphal
- over 50 percent of people connected to education are not in the classroom
-"Could you imagine the change in ed policy if Arne Duncan took five weeks off to teach summer school"
- Talked about the idea of a Teacherpreneur. That is teachers who make policy, have hands in administration, design curriculum all at same time. Split roles to re-imagine education. 
- "TEACHER LEADER NETWORK" education leaders can keep a foot in the classroom

Victor Diaz (REALM Charter School)
-"Treat every kid as if it was your kid"
-"We know why kids don't like school and yet we don't do anything--Instead we put the problem on them"
-Transition from apathy to deservedness (How can I serve this child?)
- Trust is a powerful tool
-Ask kid "how do you come to school everyday?"

Music Group "The Freeze"
-freestyle workshops combine Pablo Friere with beatboxing to empower kids
-"Teenagers, in their own minds, are the most oppressed people in America. Kids' menus?! What is that stuff!?" 
-Check out some of their super awesome video


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  1. Thanks for posting these summaries. I'm a teacher in Palo Alto and a colleague of Dave Orphal in TLN and also a California project called Accomplished California Teachers (ACT). We're always looking for California teachers who are already teacher leaders, or aspire to be. I'd encourage you and anyone else interested to learn more about ACT at - or read our blog (by clicking on my name).