Thursday, February 28, 2013

Session 3 Notes- Making and Constructionism

Here are some quick notes from this week's session. Watch to see these ideas discusses in further depth.

Dale Daugherty

-Make magazine, Maker faire
-hacking the physical world
-about participation
-people do things because they love it
-innovation start with play (this was missing in technology landscape)

maker mindset
-identified more as consumers, than the creators, shapers, and producers we really are
-grounded in the DIY world

school overly structured in managing outcomes
(do all 9 steps an everybody get same results, stripped fun out of it)****
-not enough hands-on environments in schools for kids
-not a lack of abstract thinking in school, a lack of concrete maker activities
- kids show up to Maker's Fair and are engaged, parent's may have forgotten how much kids enjoy

in best sense of making, learning about others and self
---process just as important and the essential lesson

- how do we know this has value? how do we asses?
  (what's the standardized test for making)
  why can't the making be the evidence?
- How do we bring Maker's space into schools, communities, library?
- How do we set up cultures that are accepting of projects, thinking, exploration? 

Leah Buechley

What is valuable beyond making?
making is profound part of being human, what we build and create is human culture, tremendously fulfilling work

-helping people feel agency over technology is what we try to do

Strategies for broadening participation
-maker idea accessible to wide arrange of people
-blend electronics and textiles, or electronics and paper (create hybrid spaces and cultures will lead to hybrid thinking
-we are accustomed to thinking in disciplines, making may change this
      - course on Leonardo da Vinci and the integration of his disciplines

Movement wont be equitable or unique until it is in public schools
  - right now it is about middle to upper class people who have materials, time, etc
  - important to advocate

- alarming moment in school, people may call "efficiency" into question
- subjects and disciplines that "make more money"--maker may run counter to that

Mitch Resnick

-personal ownership so important to expressing self
- can new technology get ideas into communities?
-Differences between maker/STEM
-maker is more than STEM, it is about engaging and interacting with world
-don't need to make something in order to teach something...making can produce the understanding, making is the end in itself

Question from Audience
If making is done with computers and computations does it harm because maker does not absolutely know how/why it works? Does it seem like magic?

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