Monday, March 4, 2013

My Powerful Ideas

Papert described powerful ideas as general (applicable across domains), intelligible (easy to grasp), and personal (rooted in experience). Share an example of a powerful idea from your own experience. What people, materials, or environments supported your learning experience? How might you help others understand and appreciate this powerful idea?

I have three powerful ideas that I will share. I will not elaborate on them, but offer them as things for you to wrestle with and shape your own opinion on.

1) Extrinsic rewards, such as grades, usually produce the exact opposite results in the long run. In short, extrinsic rewards often decrease outcomes.

2) In terms of school, student happiness has the biggest effect on student achievement and learning. Schools need to deal with student psychology first and foremost if they are going to raise efficacy. 

3) Humans need more leisure time... we "work" too much.


Some might consider this project of mine a big idea (one that needs to be finished)

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