Saturday, March 30, 2013

Session 6: Social Creativity Notes

Gerhard Fischer

His Website

Sources for creativity
-space (location)?
-temporal differences?
-conceptual differences?
-different inputs and insights

Learning from Remixing
-Not copying, but building upon
-Which types of problems assigned? Is there one or more than one answer

-bring as many different points of views to interesting problem as possible
-At EDC, people were in the same physical space, but brought many different viewpoints
-urban planners, neighborhood reps, etc
-people argue different ideas
-outcomes are not process of one single mind, but many creative people collaboratively 

-building 3D models of all world buildings

Designing for Social Creativity
-courses as "seeds"
-things are starting points for others
-designing for meta-design
-design for designers

How do we value different activity?
Working together is often seen as cheating?
How can we differentiate roles with different roles and opportunity?
Levels of participation? 

Andres Monroy-Hernandez

Studied “remixing” in Scratch
-inspiration comes from outside Scratch
-painting, music
-about quarter of projects in Scratch are remixes
-many people, although not everybody, gets started by remixing
-intrinsic, scaffolding learning 

Remixing as a way of idea diffusion

Learning from Remixing
-Remixing can allow learner to met HIS/HER goals
-If tasks are easy, than the opportunity is their for little learning (copying and cheating)
-If more than information retrieval, students will have to look to many sources.

Designing for Social Creativity
-community building activity as well as pragmatic goal oriented activity
-technologies are available to allow both now

Mitch Resnick

SIGSE- Democratic Futures Conference
Differences in MOOC approaches

How do we support social infrastructure?

Some changes to this week's "lecture panel"
-More media
-More participatory
-More chat

Image of Rodin's The Thinker
-isolated human thinking by self
-this image hinders looking at thinking as collaborative, group, creative idea
-How do we move beyond this image to a more active idea?

-Remixing as a much easier way to "enter learning"
-Serves as a scaffolding for learning

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