Monday, March 18, 2013

Some more Marshmallow Experiments

A few weeks back I wrote about my experience with the Marshmallow Design Challenge.

I ran this with my faculty and some of the classes I teach. I think it was a wonderful learning opportunity for all parties: me, the students, and the teachers. It is amazing to see what minds can come up with and how different people attack the challenge so uniquely. Often the creations were unsuccessful, but I enjoy the ingenuity and eagerness. So much is revealed about our creativity and imagination when we have the freedom to build and tinker.

Student examples:

The square base was surprisingly common

The marshmallow may not be too high, but a neat contraption. 

Teacher examples:

Our principal was just to the left, delegating to her teachers

Is using props cheating or is it thinking outside the box?

Not sure this is freestanding, but very interesting idea!

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