Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 7 Activity

Find out about and visit a creative learning space in your local area.
By "creative learning space," we're thinking of a place in which people are creating projects --and learning from each other as part of the process.
Here are some questions you may want to note when visiting. You could focus on one or two, and share back to the group.  If you are already an active participant, share your experience.
  1. Projects - What kinds of projects are people working on? How would you describe the range or diversity of projects?
  2. Interests - Where do the ideas for the projects come from? Are the projects based on individual, group, or community interests?        
  3. Learning Community - Do people help each other learn?  Are there mentors in the space? Is there a trajectory of participation from newcomer to leadership roles?
  4. Values - How do people treat each other in the community? Are there community guidelines or values that are discussed or agreed upon?
  5. Space - Which aspects of the physical space support the creative learning process? What materials are available?

This is a Makerspace in Los Angeles. I intend to check it out in the near future. Unfortunately, I did not have time to due so this week. Will be on the to-do list. 

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