Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chalk Walk

I recently learned this strategy in a post graduate class I am taking. It is quite simple. Put a word or concept on the wall and allow the students to mark up the whiteboard. The students can connect the word or concept with a memory, a experience, prior learning, or other ideas it leads to. The students can also use other comments to write new ideas.  I was introduced to the Chalk Walk as an introductory activity to build schema, engagement, and comfort for English Learners. My seventh grade class is a collection of English Learners, bilinguals, and English only students. It was engaging for all different levels of the class. I used it as a way for my students to debate the proper balance of freedom and order. The freedom and order debate emerged as an engaging theme in our reading of The Giver. The Chalk Talk led to some amazing, high level exchange of ideas. My whiteboard overflowed with critiques, philosophies, and opinions. The end result was a brilliant cacophony of student thought and voice. 

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  1. Hi Tim,
    What was the prompt that you wrote on the board as the "starter"? Looks like this was a hit!