Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Kids Really Think of "Break Work"

Ohh, Break Work. Most of us struggled through it at one point. All of us hated it. Yet, teachers see nothing wrong with repeating the same exact offenses they themselves hated as students. 

The excuses for assigning 'break work' come from all over the place:
We don't want students to forget important concepts.
They can't fall behind.
We have too much material to cover.
The other teachers in my school do it.
It prepares them for ... (insert next school level here)

Ultimately, it furthers one end: Students disliking school.

The below conversation comes from my brother-in-law. He is a high school senior in Buffalo, New York. He gets that the work assigned amounts to nothing more than busy work. It is easy to see there is not any real learning being achieved. It just makes one more jaded. 

Do you give 'Break Work'? Am I missing something?

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