Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just a little switch...

About a month ago I had the pleasure of leading a few sessions at a technology conference in Los Angeles. I chose to speak about Project Based Learning and how this type of learning is aided by technology. 

Teachers worked in teams to change typical assignments into projects defined by engaging, relevant, and inquiry based driving questions. Most were shocked that simple changes to promote exploration and open-endedness could trigger such inspiration.

Check out some of the driving questions/challenge statements brainstormed by teachers

Solar System:

-Design a city environment that would support life on planets farthest or closest to sun
-Create your own galaxy
-What does it take to survive on a planet? Create a survival kit for life on a planet

History and Social Studies:
-What is the cost of inaction? Recreate a the history and consequences of a event if a people or group had not acted
-Recreate the mission system from the POV of...
-What might they say? Create a blog or video blog from the POV of native Americans during the mission period?
-Should missions be funded as state parks?

State Reports:
-Who’s state? Develop a commercial /print/social media campaign for or against admitting your state to the union from the perspective of multiple groups (i.e. Native Americans, Hawaiians, northerners, southerners)
-Create an ad campaign to increase tourism in your state
-Create your own state

Book Reports:
-Who's story? Retell a story from a character’s POV
-Create an app that would change the plot of a book
-How do you create interest in literature? Create a book commercial or trailer
-How do turning points affect a story? Create a choose your own adventure/ending to a book that changes at main points in a classic story

-What do family trees look like today? Create a digital family tree
-How are building made? Create the tallest skyscraper out of block or legos-OR-Make structures that can hold your textbooks

How can my school get (or upgrade) their WiFi?

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