Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 PBL/ Creative Learning Ideas for April

Looking for some ideas to jump start project based, inquiry, or creative learning in April? Look no further than the calendar. Each month is dedicated to a seemingly infinite number of serious and silly causes. April is no different. Using both the comical and the sincere nature of April's calendar, I crafted a few driving questions and challenge statements. Feel free to take an idea and make it your own. Add more in the comments section!

April is...

Inventor's Month
  • Design and invent the school of your dreams
  • How can schools prepare students to be innovators and inventors?
  • Remix a popular product to make it easier for children to use
  • What major themes hold true through the lives of history's most amazing inventors?

Garden Month
  • Design and build a sustainable school (or classroom) garden?
  • What are the promises and pitfalls or urban (or community) gardens?
  • How can the class support local farming and agriculture?

Decorating Month
  • Should babies grow up in gender neutral rooms?
  • Re-imagine the school cafeteria to be a positive space at school
  • Should companies (or schools) pay more attention to the design of their buildings?
  • Create a local guide to the area's most interestingly decorated building

Autism Awareness Month
  • Create an informational campaign educating the public on commonly held misconceptions regarding Autism
  • How has scientific understanding of Autism changed over time?
  • Educate your community about local and national resources regarding Autism

Financial Literacy Month
  • What does is mean to be financially literate for a young person?
  • Whose job is it to make sure people are financially prepared?
  • How can we use our knowledge of math to benefit us financially?
  • What are the biggest financial myths affecting people today?

Specific Days in April

April 5: One Day Without Shoes Day
  • Are TOMS shoes helping or hurting the economies it aims to serve?
  • What is the history of the shoe?
  • How does footwear reflect culture?

April 11: Cheese Fondue Day
  • How does cheese get to the fondue restaurant?
  • How is cheese made today?
  • Create a popup fondue restaurant
  • Why do some foods melt better than others?

April 19: Bicycle Day
  • What makes a 'good' bicycle?
  • How can we make our town more bicycle friendly?
  • Plan a 'bike to school' day

April 24: Teach Your Children to Save Day
  • What are factors preventing an average family from saving money?
  • Are there more important things to save other than money?
  • When has saving money led to catastrophic events?
  • Investigate what resource is most precious to your community and design a plan to save it

April 27: Tell a Story Day
  • Tell your story
  • How has storytelling changed and stayed the same over time?
  • Whose voices are not heard enough in media today?
  • Create a plan to improve literacy in your community
  • Organize a 'story day' at your school

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